Most people must have heard about MOD music pieces on the PC. These pieces are made using digital sound samples, so the file size can remain small despite the unique sound. The capabilities of the Enterprise enable MOD pieces to be played after simple modifications. These DTM format music pieces are early MOD files converted from PC, with a maximum file size of 64Kb.
Try running the program on a floppy disk (that's the only way it works). Playable music files are available for the player, and this collection of 235 pieces will hopefully satisfy everyone...

Digitrax Module Player 1.1 (5K), DTM music files (7,2 Mb)

Using another great sound tracker program, ROCKDIGI, we can create MOD-like pieces which use digital sound samples. It's József Héder who composed professional music pieces for Rockdigi. A collection of his pieces (and other conversions) can be downloaded. Rockdigi music pieces can be played using the attached MBT Player, or they can be loaded into Rockdigi and this way they can be modified or you can study the operation of the program.

MBT Player 1.0 (4k); Rockdigi music pieces (895K)

Of course 8 bit digital sound samples from the PC or the Amiga can be played. All sound files in the WAV format can be played on the Enterprise! István's more up-to-date program, SNDPLAY can play sounds with better quality. It's part of the Multiplay program pack.

SAMPLE 1.1 player (12K), sound samples (2.2Mb)

8bit WAV Player is a utility which can play back WAV files with 8 bit samples, from 1,2 KHz to 32KHz speed, samples between 32-64KHz are played back on 32KHz, above 65535 Hz played back frequency mod(freq/65535). Supported files: WAV (RIFF,NIST), AIFF, IFF files (signed /unsigned 8-32bit, stereo/mono (playback is always mono)), the player plays only unpacked samples. At least an Enterprise with 128KB RAM is necessary for the program, the best if you have as much as possible. Any size of WAV file can be loaded it loads till reaches end of memory.
  • ESC: select new WAV file, hold down ESC longer time, keyboard is checked at every memory paging which means 1 second for a 16KHz sample.
  • Left SHIFT+ESC: background will not change (machines without EXDOS).
    Left SHIFT+SPACE: skip background changing (with EXDOS (hold it during file selection)).

Wav Player

The music capabilities of the Enterprise have been criticised by a lot of people, though numerous games have been made with music of great quality. In spite of the criticism master Gyányi made an excellent sound tracker program, the Music Box, which uses all the capacities of the Dave chip. The following pieces can be played using Music Box Player.

Music Box Player, and music pieces (200K)

SID player for Enterprise
It is a SID player for Enterprise 128, it can play SID files up to 60 kb, the software is EXOS compatible. Some of the SID files hangs the player, which writes into area 0D000h-0DFFFh, this area contains the code of the player.
Controls: Int joy, Esc, space.

SID Player and music files (591K)


SIDBasic is a music player for the Enterprise with basic SID emulation (4 waves, envelopes based on 50Hz step rate, ring mod), the program is EXOS compatible, and needs at least 128Kb RAM, recommended quantity is 460Kb, the memory limits of playback time. (with 460Kb RAM and above about 11 min the playback duration, with 128Kb RAM 1 min 49 sec the playback duration), it also recognises the turbo machines, and sets the playback speed based on the speed of Z80 (noise is not set for turbo machines), 15KHz playback sounds better on turbo machines.
The package contains the method how S64 files can be created from SID files in file CreS64.TXT in folder CRES64.

SIDBasic Int is a bit advanced version of SIDBasic, it play the samples from interrupt, and the size of samples have been doubled (512byte), the noise is played from sample also, becuase Dave 0-1 registers are used for interrupts, in previous version noise played by Dave with polynomial counters. Playback on 4-8 MHz machines is 8 KHz, above 8MHz is 15KHz. The program works fine on emulator also if you change the CPU frequency, but do not change frequency of Dave.

Pro Tracker 3 Player and music files

MOD Player for Enterprise based on Stefan Drissen's MOD Player on SAM Coupé. The program is EXOS compatible, it recognize turbo machines, and based on the CPU speed sets the playback speed, on a normal 4MHz EP the playback speed is 9,2 KHz, one remark for the turbo machines, the player can set the playback speed by 2MHz step of CPU speed, for example 7,12 MHz EP will have the same playback speed as 6MHz EP (13,7 KHz), 8 MHz EP has 18,4 KHz. RAM expansions are fully supported, all available RAM can be used. There is 32KB free RAM for MOD's on an EP128, but a 32KB of size MOD can not be loaded, because looping samples needs additinal gaps at the end of sample, and the gap varies based on the size of the loop size, so it can happen one 24KB mod can be played on EP128, but another 24KB mod can not, on an EP with 1MB RAM expansion probably you will see Not enough memory very rarely...


  • ESC - load new file (file selection menu appears if EXDOS exists),
  • 1-4 - turn channel 1-4 off / on,
  • 5 - turn on all 4 channels,
  • 6 - playback with Dave,
  • 7 - Playback with external 4 channel 8bit D/A.

MOD Player, MOD music files

  MID Player and music files